Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waffle Supreme : Auckland CBD (Takeout)

All my friends know how much I love sweets, but only few knows my obsession with Waffle.
When it comes to waffle, I am extra picky! (I think it became like this since it is pretty impossible to find a descent waffle place in Auckland in my personal opinion T_T)
I especially like Belgium Waffle cause they are soft chewy inside (due to nice thickness of the dough compare to those pre-frozen plasticky waffles) and crispy light sugar coated outer layer~ +w+
And adding little bit of melted chocolate on the top makes it perfect!

Anyway, so yes I love Belgium waffle and yesterday I finally found a place that sells them!
'Waffle Supreme' is located on Elliot Street.
The shop is a small red container that can be easily seen.
As soon as i walked near by, I could smell the sweet waffle~

I read through the menu as quick as i can and ordered
'Basic Beligium Waffle + melted chocolate on the top'
 (There were pre-made waffles and some small samples that people can try.)

While waiting for the waffle, was able to chat a little with Andy (in the photos above) the waffle maker. XD
(I was so excited about the fact that I can have Belgium Waffle in NZ and got bit chatty haha)
Andy told me that seeing people setting waffles on the top of the sky mountain while he was in France inspired him to start the business.
Anyway after few minutes my waffle was ready~~

Sweet crispy and chewy hot waffle melted in my mouth pretty quick XP
(I would be very keen to try it with ice cream on the top during summer +w+)
Because I went after 3pm ish? the coffee station was closed. 
(Waffle + Coffee will be my next visit plan.)

Think I wrote quite a lot today haha (Got too excited)
So long story short, if you like Belgium waffle (doesn't have to crazy into it like me) I would recommend Waffle Supreme~>w<

Waffle Supreme
Corner of Elliott St. & Vistoria St.
Auckland CBD