Monday, April 22, 2013

Aquarius (Star Sign Character Design)

Finally~ the last character of the star sign~
I did not know there were so many Aquarius around me before I started this project :P
I hope people enjoyed viewing this project and hope it gave people some insight about each star sign's stereotypical characteristic.
I think I will be using these character again very soon to do some more experimental projects. XD


(20th Jan~18th Feb)

Symbol: Vase
Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
House: 11 - Friendship
Colour: Light purple
Stone: Amethyst

Flower: Snowdrop
Job: Travel Journalist

Loves: Chatting, shopping, doing something impulsive and exploring

Aquarius is friendly and loves talking to her friends. Especially she will listen well and give advice if her friends are in need. They are quite adventurous and people are often surprise at various experiences she had. Aquarius is inventive and original, coming up with really unique ideas that sometimes are too unique for people to understand. ;P Even though she is loyal to her friends, she can be quite unemotional and detached. So she might disappear for awhile if she has her own problem. She's not good at setting her priorities in right order, but somehow manages to do her works on time. Aquarius is unpredictable and intractable. She loves wondering around and spending money.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Capricorn (Star Sigh Character Design)


(22nd Dec~19th Jan)

Symbol: Half goat& Half fish
Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

House: 10 - Personal Ambitions

Colour: Brown

Stone: Garnet
Flower: Hyacinth
Job: Accountant
Loves: Cleaning, calculating, arranging things and classical music

Capricorn is prudent and practical. She's also ambitious and does not like people who slack off. Because  she is grudging She's patient and careful, which helps her to make steady decisions. This can sometimes drive her friends crazy since she does not talk about her plans until they have been fully decided.  Capricorn is very ethical and very stubborn. (but she denied herself being stubborn, and her friends cannot win her since she is quite eloquent and knows how to convince others)
Capricorn is a Realist but also fatalistic. She is a perfectionist and loves accomplished that can be seen, such as cleaning, keeping things in order. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

bird series 80-77

This time I tried roughly colouring them in digital :)
From left top:
 Musician Wren, known as 'one of Amazonia's best and most unusual Songsters'
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, known as 'A pretty tyrant flycatcher with a very impressive scissor-tail'
Superb Fairywren, known as 'One of Australia's best-known and est-loved birds, with a highly unusual lifestyle'
Woodpecher Finch, known as 'A tool user and one of Darwin's finches'

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday card

birthday card for a bassist friend :)
This time tried making the card narrow and long

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sagittarius (Star Sigh Character Design)


(22nd Nov~21st Dec)

Symbol: Archer
Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

House: 9 - The intellect

Colour: Indigo

Stone: Turquoise
Flower: Narcissus
Job: Psychologist
Loves: Books (memorizing), extreme sport and stand up comedy

Sagittarius is optimistic and jovial. She is humorous and knows how to entertain the others, and this personality helps her to relax her patients. She philosophical and intellectual, loving memorizing things. Sometimes she can be tactless. She is restless and loves extreme sports like mount biking.