Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trip to North : Day 2

We checked out around 10am and drove ourselves up to 'Cape Reinga'.
Weather continued to change during our 5hour drive.
We stopped at 'Cooper Beach' for a stretch and some snap shots. :)

When we finally arrived at 'Cape Reinga' it rained quite heavily for a bit, but luckily cleared up while we waked down to the light house.

 LOVED the view!!

 The famous light house was smaller than I expected. (so cute!)

 Stopped by at a dairy in Te Pao because I found that this place is famous for a real big size ice cream. So had to try XD 
(I had to share my ice cream haha)
Took us 8 hours to drive back to Auckland!
Should have stopped around the mid point for a rest. But this was a last minute planned trip so didn't really think this through XP
 Everyone was pretty exhausted the next day haha)

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