Monday, January 14, 2013

Pisces (Zodiac Sign character design)

These days I'm working on Star Signs. Have always been fascinated about those mythologies and stereo types based on the star signs. So this is a perfect project to do XD (Can say it's an extension version of my uni work that was based on stereo type of Chinese zodiac signs)
When I started researching notices that there are so many different information about the signs that do not match (both from books and websites)..So i am in away combining and also using my imagination to create these characters,trying to get a strong understanding of each sign's character (which is taking me ages). Meaning, when I am done with this project, I will have created characters reflecting their own unique trait based  on some found facts and some given identities from me (fingers crossed).

Well that was the longest writing I've done on my blog so far XD
Anyway, back to the main point!
When I was researching, noticed star Sign pages normally starts with either Aries or Aquarius. But! since i'm Pisces, decided to start from that (because I can ^_^/)
So here are the basic info about MY Pisces:

(19th Feb~20th Mar)
Symbol: Two Fish joined
Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
House:12 -Escapism
Colour: Marine Blue
Stone: Aquamarine
Flower: Water Lily
Job: Artist
Loves: Sweets, Cat, Painting & sleeping
Pisces is sensitive and Softhearted. She is sympathetic Altruist who is Imaginative. So she talks to park cats while she feed them. >_< She is intuitive and this doesn't help her much with her bad sense of direction. XP
Pisces is escapist and Idealist. This in away helps her to paint her own dream world that inspire the others. She has a weak willed and secretive. She can be quite stubborn, especially when she's expressing her opinion. But she is warm-hearted and cannot say 'no' to other people's requests.

Sketches ;)