Friday, February 10, 2017

8 Emojis for a friend

So one of my friend has been asking me to create him some emojis for ages.
So this year I finally decided to create them!
It was my first proper emoji series and I quite like how they turned out!
(And my friend likes them too XD)
Maybe I should create my own emojis too ;)

Congratulation, Angry
Nice, Funny

Wow, That's great
Happy, Sad

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The return of RAD (cafe) - Mt. Eden

Last week, me & mum wanted to goto a cafe where we can grab a coffee and some food for my hubby.
Hubby suggested ' RAD' is Mt. Eden so thought why not.
RAD is one of his mates' favourite place to grab their famous 'Black stack Burger'

Like it's name, it is a black bun burger that is stacked with crisp skin pork belly.

I quite like their chips. Crispy outside yet not
 oily and not too much salt. 

Me and mum ordered our usual trim latte and trim flat white + almond croissant
Never had croissant grilled s found it quite interesting. (But then again, almond croissants don't have delicate crispy outer layer like plain croissants so guess it doesn't matter)
They changed their coffee beans recently and they were delicious. Just how I like. Nice aroma and medium bodied in my opinion. The only down size it that they don't have larger cups. I would have drank a bowl if available. (So ended up buying another F/W on my way out haha)

397 Mt Eden Road, Mt. Eden

Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday card making & cupcake baking

One of my uni friend that was working in Thailand visited NZ around her birthday time.
So we decided to have a 'welcome back + late birthday celebration' dinner.
Since i have not seen her for so long, thought it would be good to make a card that all my friends' can sign + a mini cupcake for the birthday girl :)
 I created the basic writing and shape using my 'Officejet 7500A' (so handy~)
and hand drew the illustration part.
The first few things pops into my mind when i think of this friend were 'can eyeline, sunglasses and long hair'
So the final card kinda looks like a make-up salon poster? (In my opinion? haha)

After the card was baking!
I really enjoyed the blueberry cream cheese i used in my last baking,
so decided to use that for the cupcake icing!
For the cake part, went for not so sweet 'Matcha pound cake'
(two cupcakes in the photo: one for my friend, one for my tasting, to make sure it doesn't taste bad haha)

We had another real big cake after dinner to share so I didn't get to see my friend eating this cake 
(She said she will eat it for breakfast the next day), hope she liked it! X)

Had some fun playing with my Bf's DSLR XD

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waffle Supreme : Auckland CBD (Takeout)

All my friends know how much I love sweets, but only few knows my obsession with Waffle.
When it comes to waffle, I am extra picky! (I think it became like this since it is pretty impossible to find a descent waffle place in Auckland in my personal opinion T_T)
I especially like Belgium Waffle cause they are soft chewy inside (due to nice thickness of the dough compare to those pre-frozen plasticky waffles) and crispy light sugar coated outer layer~ +w+
And adding little bit of melted chocolate on the top makes it perfect!

Anyway, so yes I love Belgium waffle and yesterday I finally found a place that sells them!
'Waffle Supreme' is located on Elliot Street.
The shop is a small red container that can be easily seen.
As soon as i walked near by, I could smell the sweet waffle~

I read through the menu as quick as i can and ordered
'Basic Beligium Waffle + melted chocolate on the top'
 (There were pre-made waffles and some small samples that people can try.)

While waiting for the waffle, was able to chat a little with Andy (in the photos above) the waffle maker. XD
(I was so excited about the fact that I can have Belgium Waffle in NZ and got bit chatty haha)
Andy told me that seeing people setting waffles on the top of the sky mountain while he was in France inspired him to start the business.
Anyway after few minutes my waffle was ready~~

Sweet crispy and chewy hot waffle melted in my mouth pretty quick XP
(I would be very keen to try it with ice cream on the top during summer +w+)
Because I went after 3pm ish? the coffee station was closed. 
(Waffle + Coffee will be my next visit plan.)

Think I wrote quite a lot today haha (Got too excited)
So long story short, if you like Belgium waffle (doesn't have to crazy into it like me) I would recommend Waffle Supreme~>w<

Waffle Supreme
Corner of Elliott St. & Vistoria St.
Auckland CBD

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Eiffel en Eden (Cafe) - Three Kings

One of my friend posted some photos from 'Eiffel en Eden' cafe a while ago and I was very keen to try this place. (Because I am a huge Choux pastry fan and this place has quite a range!)
So decided to catch up with a friend at the cafe!!
She had some things to do in city before our meeting time, so she picked me up. And thanks goodness she did, cause I somehow gave her the wrong address to the cafe XP haha.
Anyway we arrived at the cafe around 11.30 and there were plenty of seats for us to choose from. (It became quite packed when we finished our first round)
I forgot the ask the waitress's name but she was SUPER friendly!! which made me want to visit the place again if the food are good.

 One side had a sweet cabinet full of desserts,
other side had a warm cabinet with savoury food like pie & quiche.

 Our first round was savoury food XD
I chose a Lamb pie (Tomato chutney inside) + Soy latte bowl
My friend got a pumpkin soup.
Wish the pie was a bit hotter but loved the latte was perfect! (asked for extra hot XP)

After an hour? of chat we went for a second round (SWEETS!)
This time my friend ordered a coffee; decap cappucino + Chocolate Eclair
I ordered Choux something cream. (French name.. haha 0A0)
I wish the Choux was more puffy but the crunchiness of the outer shell was up to my standard.
And the custard cream inside was go~~~od +w+ 

I will be keen to visit the place again for more choux pastries if I am near by. XD

Eiffel en Eden
985E Mount Eden Road
Three Kings
Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Face Painting Party (EHS)

I had my first face painting party under my name few weeks ago.
I was so excited and nervous at the same time!
The theme for the party was 'Fairy' so many guest were wearing really cute fairy costumes!
Fairy decorations around the house was amazing! Such a shame I forgot to take some photos X(
The weather was good so kids could play in the garden while waiting for their turns.
Most of the girls wanted small butterflyso I tried to make each butterfly different using various colours. :)

The girl on the left had her own wings on her back! adorable!

Blue and Pink flowers for this princes to match her sweater ;)

Dinosaur & Skull

Big fish & Butterfly decoration for adults!

I can't wait to visit more parties and see kids (and adults) smile when they see their painted faces!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trip to North : Day 2

We checked out around 10am and drove ourselves up to 'Cape Reinga'.
Weather continued to change during our 5hour drive.
We stopped at 'Cooper Beach' for a stretch and some snap shots. :)

When we finally arrived at 'Cape Reinga' it rained quite heavily for a bit, but luckily cleared up while we waked down to the light house.

 LOVED the view!!

 The famous light house was smaller than I expected. (so cute!)

 Stopped by at a dairy in Te Pao because I found that this place is famous for a real big size ice cream. So had to try XD 
(I had to share my ice cream haha)
Took us 8 hours to drive back to Auckland!
Should have stopped around the mid point for a rest. But this was a last minute planned trip so didn't really think this through XP
 Everyone was pretty exhausted the next day haha)