Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday card making & cupcake baking

One of my uni friend that was working in Thailand visited NZ around her birthday time.
So we decided to have a 'welcome back + late birthday celebration' dinner.
Since i have not seen her for so long, thought it would be good to make a card that all my friends' can sign + a mini cupcake for the birthday girl :)
 I created the basic writing and shape using my 'Officejet 7500A' (so handy~)
and hand drew the illustration part.
The first few things pops into my mind when i think of this friend were 'can eyeline, sunglasses and long hair'
So the final card kinda looks like a make-up salon poster? (In my opinion? haha)

After the card was baking!
I really enjoyed the blueberry cream cheese i used in my last baking,
so decided to use that for the cupcake icing!
For the cake part, went for not so sweet 'Matcha pound cake'
(two cupcakes in the photo: one for my friend, one for my tasting, to make sure it doesn't taste bad haha)

We had another real big cake after dinner to share so I didn't get to see my friend eating this cake 
(She said she will eat it for breakfast the next day), hope she liked it! X)

Had some fun playing with my Bf's DSLR XD