Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Eiffel en Eden (Cafe) - Three Kings

One of my friend posted some photos from 'Eiffel en Eden' cafe a while ago and I was very keen to try this place. (Because I am a huge Choux pastry fan and this place has quite a range!)
So decided to catch up with a friend at the cafe!!
She had some things to do in city before our meeting time, so she picked me up. And thanks goodness she did, cause I somehow gave her the wrong address to the cafe XP haha.
Anyway we arrived at the cafe around 11.30 and there were plenty of seats for us to choose from. (It became quite packed when we finished our first round)
I forgot the ask the waitress's name but she was SUPER friendly!! which made me want to visit the place again if the food are good.

 One side had a sweet cabinet full of desserts,
other side had a warm cabinet with savoury food like pie & quiche.

 Our first round was savoury food XD
I chose a Lamb pie (Tomato chutney inside) + Soy latte bowl
My friend got a pumpkin soup.
Wish the pie was a bit hotter but loved the latte was perfect! (asked for extra hot XP)

After an hour? of chat we went for a second round (SWEETS!)
This time my friend ordered a coffee; decap cappucino + Chocolate Eclair
I ordered Choux something cream. (French name.. haha 0A0)
I wish the Choux was more puffy but the crunchiness of the outer shell was up to my standard.
And the custard cream inside was go~~~od +w+ 

I will be keen to visit the place again for more choux pastries if I am near by. XD

Eiffel en Eden
985E Mount Eden Road
Three Kings
Auckland, New Zealand