Saturday, April 16, 2016

The return of RAD (cafe) - Mt. Eden

Last week, me & mum wanted to goto a cafe where we can grab a coffee and some food for my hubby.
Hubby suggested ' RAD' is Mt. Eden so thought why not.
RAD is one of his mates' favourite place to grab their famous 'Black stack Burger'

Like it's name, it is a black bun burger that is stacked with crisp skin pork belly.

I quite like their chips. Crispy outside yet not
 oily and not too much salt. 

Me and mum ordered our usual trim latte and trim flat white + almond croissant
Never had croissant grilled s found it quite interesting. (But then again, almond croissants don't have delicate crispy outer layer like plain croissants so guess it doesn't matter)
They changed their coffee beans recently and they were delicious. Just how I like. Nice aroma and medium bodied in my opinion. The only down size it that they don't have larger cups. I would have drank a bowl if available. (So ended up buying another F/W on my way out haha)

397 Mt Eden Road, Mt. Eden