Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trip to North : Day 1

I went on a small trip to North part of New Zealand last week.
Our stop on the first day was 'Paihia'
The weather looked promising when we left Auckland but the rain came and go throughout the whole trip X(

Luckily the weather became sunny again when we arrived in Paihia :D

We Grabbed lunch at 'Winnies Takeaways'.
Fish Burger + Milkshake.
I tried their fish burger when U visited Pihia few months ago and I would say best fish burger I had in NZ so far XD
Discovered this REALLY spicy chilli at the place and I am very keen buy  bottle soon for myself ;)

After the meal, we checked in to put our things down and went to 'Haruru Fall' for a walk.

 Met with really big roosters XD

(Canoed around the fall on my last visit)

Had some pork ribs + beers for dinner in the town but was too hungry to take any photos XP
Went to bed not too late since we had to drive up to ' Cape Reinga and drive straight back to Auckland the next day. (But managed to watched few episodes of 'Elementary' before bed.)