Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rosie (Cafe) - Parnell

Was a rather quiet and sunny day after the storm so decided to have brunch in a cafe.
The cafe me and my bf decided to visit was in Parnell, called 'Rosie'
Heard they have some cool lighting and indeed they did.
(Apparently the flower light cost more than a car 0A0;)
All the furniture and dishes were all nice (and pricey)  fancy design wares. 
Cabinet food looked pretty and delicious. (Forgot to take some photos though..)

Their menu was nicely covered with hand stitched fabric, giving an antique classy look.

Rosie Cafe had a wide range of juice and smoothies to choose from!
I went for a glass of 'Apple & Kale' Juice and I really liked it! (Was too green for my bf XP)

For my meal I've chosen 'Mushrooms, pancetta, poached eggs, chilli ragas'
My bf went for 'Omellette, smoked fish, soft herbs, caper salad'
plus 'hash potato'

The presentation of the foods were good.
I definitely wasn't expecting hash brown to be a square shape.
But seasoning in foods were a bit too much for me...
So I was quite glad I ordered refreshing juice instead of creamy coffee XP

If I visit Rosie again, think I will go for the cabinets sandwiches.

82 Gladstone Rd 
Auckland City

Found some pretty flowers beside the cafe building +w+