Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cima (Cafe) - Auckland CBD

I felt like grabbing some cafe food for lunch so decided to visit 'Cima' cafe on High St.
They used to have lunch deals where you can get a main and a drink for around $17.
Sadly the deal was gone :(
But I was too hungry to move to another cafe so sat myself down on the second floor of the cafe.
(Was too cold to seat outside XP)

I ordered 'Cima's Grilled Chicken Burger'
My BF ordered 'Meatball Spaghetti'

I would say the spaghetti was pretty average.
But the burger was bigger than I expected with nicely toasted buns with generous amount of chips on the side. (Couldn't finish the chips)
Especially like how they served the chips in a small tin net container.

If I revisit and order the burger again, might ask for less dressing. (Not really a sauce lover XP)

Anyway overall was a nice filling lunch. XD
Didn't have time to take some photos of their dessert cabinet but they all looked pretty delicious. +w+

56-58 High Street, 
Auckland, New Zealand

Bonus Shot using instagram filter :)