Thursday, March 21, 2013

Libra (Zodiac Sign Character Design)


(23rd Sep~22md Oct)

Symbol: Scales

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

House: 7 - The Heart

Colour: Pink
Stone: Opal
Flower: English Rose

Job: Hairdresser

Loves: Charity work, Cooking, Cleaning, romance & fantasy books/movies and being on time(?)

Libra is a peaceful pacifist. She is smart, kind and always keep things well balanced. She is gentle and doesn't get angry easily. Libra can be a bit lazy but always do things on time. She is indecisive ,especially when it comes to choosing her meal menu (maybe something to do with her being thoughtful? thinking about nutrition and stuff?).

Libra is fashionable and knows how to wear right according to the occasions.
Romancist and idealist