Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scorpio (Zodiac Sign Character Design)


(23rd Oct~21st Nov)

Symbol: Scorpion

Planet: Pluto

Element: Water

House: 8 - Sharing

Colour: Black
Stone: Amber
Flower: Chrysanthemum

Job: Scientist
Loves: Reading, Observing, coffee, plant,fish & riding a motorcycle

 Scorpio is very focused and always strives for what she wants. She has strong self-control and does not show her feelings much (especially when she's sad). She is very loyal but because she's quite and value her own time, she normally has small group of friends. Even though she doesn't show it much, she gets jealous easily. Because she is quite vindictive, it better to not make her angry. She is independent but can be quite clumsy as well (especially when she is around close friends). She loves riding her bike when she needs to clear her head.