Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poster for my brother

Haha.. so..I got a mission from my brother a week ago. He was responsible for a poster design for a big welcoming party thing for the freshman week (since he is the leader of his faculty XP). He wanted to make the poster humorous and wanted it to be like a parody version of one of Korean movie. At first was only going to put the movie characters' photos in the poster, but at the end he wanted to make the poster look exactly the same as the original movie poster with it's fancy fonts..0_0
So it ended up rather editing the movie poster..haha
Since, I do not have those fonts and decoration on the poster....I had, a bit of fun...drawing them....0_0.....
Anyway~haha so here they are. (Hope it has nothing to do with copyright stuff since it is not going to be used in commercial or anything??)

My version (more info. compare to the original one)

the original!

and these bottoms two are b4 my bro changed his mind. haha XD