Monday, May 26, 2014

Present Preparing

I was the organizer for the upcoming birthday party for my friends.
Rather than individuals preparing a gift each, me and my friends decided to make one person do all the shopping and people just chip in at the end. 
So I, the organizer, became that person and collected few presents!
After few hours of present hunting, I was able to find some good presents.

I normally wrap my presents either in white or brown papers so I can write messages on them.
But this time, decided to use 'Kiki.K alphabet&number stamp set' to title each presents instead!
(Bought the set quite awhile ago but had a chance to use them!)

(Close Shots)
Love the unplanned stamp edge marks because they make the whole thing look more organic XD

After all the labeling, randomly stamped on my sketch book to clean off the inks. (Think I can make wrapping paper in that style next time +w+)