Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gemini (Zodiac Sign Character Design)

It was hard to decide whether I should make Gemini as a real twins or not XP

(21st May~20th Jun)
Symbol: Twins
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
House:3 -The Mind
Colour: Yellow Green/ Apple Green
Stone: Agate
Flower: Honeysuckle (Caprifoliaceae)
Job: Photographer
Loves: Nature, Gossip, New flavour drink, sport & learning new languages
Gemini is a Good communicator with high linguistic skill. She's Quick and Agile through process.
She learns things quickly but not so good at digging into one hole.
Not much of a concentrating person and can be hasty.
Gets curious easily so has broad range of knowledge on things but superficial(?) XP
Not so punctual